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CERPG provides a dark, comprehensive medieval fantasy game system with subtle undertones of the heroic age of Ancient Greece. This game offers Players and GM’s detailed and flexible rules to suit their gaming style for combat, movement, magic, aptitudes, and a host of other gaming situations.

CERPG endeavours to capture the thrill of realistic situations through its game system without compromising playability as well as providing a modular approach to the way that situations are handled, enabling MT’s (Masters of Tales) to personalise the level of intrusion of magic and fantasy within their campaign.

The 2nd Edition Core Rulebook contains not only the core system rules but also a complete fantasy world-setting: The World of Thargos.

Players have unlimited spell creation possibilities, skills and combat are percentile. Evil factions are at war with the remnants of the Old Empire. Players can play on both sides or find their own path. Each character has the choice to gain personal renown or progress the status of their Order of Faction.

Published: 2004 by Spartans Unleashed
Hard cover

504 Pages


ISBN - 10: 0954438248
Dimensions: 8.5x11x1.25"

Spartan V1.tif



It was an autumn evening and the second sun had not long set. A strong northerly breeze chilled the air and carried away the dark clouds that had recently doused the land with light rainfall. The waning moon cast a silver-blue radiance out from the darkening sky, giving the landscape an ethereal beauty. A dusty road ran through the valley, gleaming in the moonlight like a pale river as it cut through dark copses until it disappeared into the gently rising hills.


About halfway along the valley was a small outpost. Standing on the top of a knoll several hundred yards from the road, it kept an ever-watchful gaze out across the moors. The glow of a brazier could be seen upon the watchtower but aside from this, the structure was just a dark silhouette against the moon. Below the outpost, on the opposite side of the road, were scattered the half dozen homesteads of a small settlement, including an inn.


The building was a moderately sized wooden structure, reinforced with stone on the ground floor, with a stone chimney. It stood facing the road and the outpost, with a paddock and stabling to the rear. Thin slivers of light leaked through gaps in the window shutters and smoke from the chimney caught in the moonlight as it danced up into the deepening blue of the night sky.


The door of the inn opened, spilling out a warm light and the raucous sound of its patrons as they amused themselves with plenty of drink and whatever entertainment was to be had. A figure was silhouetted in the doorway for a brief instant before disappearing into the hostel and closing the door against the cold night.


Merithian stood inside the door and took in the scene. The inn was hot and the air close. The smell of roasting pork and fresh-baked bread mixed with burning sandalwood, creating a heady yet inviting atmosphere. Dominating the center of the room a large open fire provided heat, light, and the aroma of food. An adolescent boy tended the flames and turned a pair of small pigs on spits, while next to him a woman carved up a third on a small table.


Behind the fire the bar was manned by two men, one middle-aged and stocky the other older and wiry, though both bore a resemblance to each other as well as to the boy at the fire. Tables and benches were scattered throughout the common room but there was plenty of space for patrons to stand. The inn was busy but not overcrowded. Two serving maids wove their way through the mass of revelers with practiced grace, large trays of frothing mugs in their hands.

In the corner to the right of the door was a stage that filled a large alcove and jutted out towards the fire pit. From where he stood the new arrival could not see what was happening but a small crowd had started to gather in anticipation. For the most part the patrons looked like locals. Farmers, woodsmen, and fishermen, most were Condorian stock. There were a few off duty guards from the outpost and also a couple of merchants.

Merithian attracted a few looks as he entered, mainly from the locals. He was shorter and slimmer than most of the other patrons and was travelling light for someone on the road. He was unarmoured with no visible weapon, and with only a small leather satchel he was certainly no merchant. His greying black hair and pale blue eyes distinguished him from many men, and the slight point of his ears confirmed him as a Mandorian.

The new arrival smiled to himself as he watched his temporary audience draw their conclusions. A man of knowledge, an adventurer possibly but to the superstitious folk one label sprang instantly to mind. Mage. And they would be right. Merithian noted with some small satisfaction how those closest to him stiffened slightly as they turned back to their own affairs.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, sir.” The mage was shaken from his thoughts as one of the serving wenches appeared before him. “Your room’s not ready yet but there’s space at a table, over here”

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