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Heroes of Thargos

Core Box shot 4 - English.png
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1+ Players - 45-90 minutes - 14 years +

Principle Creator – Chris Loizou

Conception and Context of the World of Thargos - Chris Loizou

Principal Artist - Ryan Verhagen

Supplementary illustrations – Martin Paz Romero


The Heroes of Thargos Card Game uses a system built around the idea of faction and character-based from the RPG setting of Thargos battling one another using a simple-to-learn card resource management system to battle over a number of “mission tracks.  The card game is designed to open up the World of Thargos to those who do not know it and all those that do, take them back there once again. 

The game allows players to develop their own play styles through the cards chosen for their decks without having to compete with a rarity system built into many collectable card games. The players choose how invested they wish to be in their decks through regular card pack releases and can construct their decks based on a variety of different play styles to achieve victory.


The goal of the game is to acquire Victory Points through the completion of Mission Cards. Each player will have access to four Mission Tracks, upon each will *always* have a Mission Card for players to attempt to fulfil. As Mission Cards are completed by opposing players, you will replace them from your own decks to help even the playing field.

Players will choose how many Victory Points they need to win based on the four Character Cards they choose to make up their team. Every Character Card is worth a number of Character Points, listed on the cards, which not only signifies the estimated Power level of the Character Card, but also the number of Victory Points the player needs to win their match.

Core Core Cards 1 - English.png


The initial two-player starter box contains 210 cards with which players can build their starting decks:

  • 33 unique Cursed Empire Character Cards comprising key character types such as The Crimson Knight, Spider Darkun/Slayer, Cobra Sorceress, Kurnor Assassin and Karg Demon Summoner to name a few. 

  • 66 Mission Cards all set in the World of Thargos.

  • 56 Lasting Cards comprising Thargos minions, objects, weapons etc. 

  • 55 Action Cards comprising a host of Thargos creatures and player-driven events.

    Note -  The Starter sets can supply two decks, however, the purchase of two  Starter Sets will allow for greater variability and is 'required' if players want to add the maximum number of some cards to their battle decks. 

      The Battlemat is an additional option.

Who will you choose?

Discover your party!

Here is a sample of 15 Heroes of the 33 from the Core Set


Sordven Zass – Spider Darkun Slayer 


Sordven Zass is a member of the Spider Darkun Faction who has reached the level of Slayer.  Slayers form the smallest Darkun unit and only comprise one individual with no back-up, no support and who has usually infiltrated an Imperial stronghold months before being activated. Their mission is usually to eliminate a high Imperial dignitary. Faction Slayers have a 100% mortality rate, as once they have completed their mission, they are to take as many enemies as they can with them and cannot be captured alive or face ultimate dishonour. She is waiting for the right mission to come along and in the meantime is travelling around looking to pick up some items of use and collect useful information.   

The Spiders: This sub-faction from the earth Cult has over 500 Darkuns in its ranks. The members of this order bear tattoos of different types of spiders, each one having its own specialisation to form yet another subgroup: 

- Black-Widow: poison.

- Tarantulas: hand-to-hand combat. 

- Funnel-Spiders: drugs. 

The Spider Faction members are renowned for their ability to infiltrate information networks, notably some Guilds of the city of Kurnor, where in some cases they have eliminated the leaders and replaced them. Their leader, Vrek, ensures that his followers are involved in missions to destroy the Empire, but if in the process they can undermine the influence of the Cobras, this is an added bonus as the latter represent their second worst enemy.

Sordven Zass is renowned to have slain her Death Commando group leader who was too indecisive on a mission she was part of.  She is a deadly opponent who intends through her actions, to further increase the power and influence of the Spider faction over others and increase recruitment numbers.  She has mastered the art of using a Skarganne and is deadly in martial arts.  

Her body is covered in Spider tattoos and she very rarely goes undercover. She will have to use magic for her final mission to hide her tattoos.


Mursa – Cobra Sorceress


Mursa is a cruel Mandorian sorceress from the Darkun Cobra Faction.  She is rumoured to have slit her own eye in order to cast some ancient form of Death Magic.  Mursa is a ruthless individual who craves power and who will stop at nothing to further her designs. 

She has spent several years studying and experimenting with Death Magic.  

The Cobras: This Earth Cult sub-faction comprises around 600 Darkuns. All members bear the sign of the Cobra tattooed on their bodies. Their favourite weapons are throwing knives and mini-crossbows. They also use a great deal of poison and prefer to operate alone. These Darkuns despise the Spider sub-faction members (Earth Faction). Their leader, Telfelan, has managed to have this sub-faction included into the ranks of the Evil Fire Faction, after having successfully carried-out a series of deadly missions, notably the elimination of Harken, Great Priest of the Earth Temple of Condar, as well as a series of other rival Faction members.

Kzar Makdar – Kandar Scout


Kazar Makdar is a highly skilled Kandar Scout who gained a degree of renown for locating one of the largest Haroad cave lairs, which led to a massacre by the Kandar.  He is an expert tracker and managed to follow back a Haroad hunting party despite them taking all precautions. 

Kazar Makdar aspires to a greater role within the more prestigious Kandar War Bands, and it is for this reason that he has set up into the wider Continent as he is hoping to bring back some form of trophy.  

The Kandar are the primitive ancestors of the Orcs that abound in Thargos today. They live in tribal clans and usually roam the region they infest, hunting, raiding and slaughtering as they go. Kandar are complete scavengers: they make nothing for themselves, stealing all they need from the victims of their raids. They are fierce warriors and accomplished hunters, having a knack for moving silently that allows them to trigger their ambushes. Kandar are very stocky and muscular, ranging from 3ft to 8ft in height, they are covered in a short black or grey fur, which does not extend to their hands or face. Kandar have small claws and large fangs, their eyes are often catlike and they have strong night-vision. The Kandar clans have Shamans who learn mostly aggressive magic. All Kandar worship the Old Gods and care nothing for the Elemental Gods and their worshippers. Kandar are loyal only to their own tribe and will attack anyone they can overcome and steal from. They have voracious appetites and will eat anything, including human flesh.


Sil – Voss - Master Pickpocket 


Sil-Voss is a renowned pickpocket of the Lifters Guild based in Kurnor. Lifters, or "Breakers" as they are also known, are some of the most well-known thieves in the Empire. There is nothing too well guarded or too cumbersome that they cannot try to steal. Interestingly enough, some of the former members are now Imperial Locksmiths, who are handsomely paid for their skill. They are mainly interested in material gain and occasionally offer their services to other city Guilds.


Sil-Voss is originally from the Elios region where he still has excellent connections and a strong information network.  He has managed to hide his physical identity, but his reputation proceeds him. He has trained a handful of other pickpocket masters who in turn train the less experienced members of the Guild. He has decided to come out of a more sedentary role and be more active in the field as he is gravely concerned about Karnarcosian agents infiltrating everywhere. Guilds have historically been strong rivals but there is a new tendency to leave old rivalries behind and Sil-Voss supports this trend. He is already involved in coordinating a spy network in Elios including satellites in the Ettikan Kingdom due to the latter being involved in a currently low profile but growing alliance with Karnarcos. 

Helgor Bearhide – Barbarian Warrior

Helgor Bearhide is a powerful Barbarian Warrior who has gone renegade after leaving his clan which has been located south of Metbetoch for many years but that has had to move more recently westwards due to ever closer raids from Karnarcos backed border Clans. Helgor decided to become a mercenary in the service of the Empire and is not a supporter of Karnarcos in any way despite feeling that his path would not make him stray into the conflict. He is now coming to terms that he will have to be more active, or risks being swallowed up without being able to take some control of his life.

Helgor has learnt to fight from a very young age, even by the standards of his clansmen, and is an excellent horse rider. He has been getting used to spending weeks at a time in urban settings from towns to large cities with all the distractions they have to offer, good and less good. The rest of his life has been spent on the great border plains and these changes in his life have been a steep learning curve for him due to totally different social codes and protocol, many that seem unnatural to such a straight talker. Helgor is brave bordering on foolhardy at times, but this has served him well and he is a likeable albeit rough around the edges individual.

Kreiss-Nog - Nirkar Poison Master

Kreiss-Nog is a highly skilled and equally deadly Poison Master who has no allegiance to any Guild or Faction whatsoever. In this sense, and this is rare, he is a renegade assassin. His services are available to the highest bidder and he has no interest in taking sides in the war between the Empire and Karnarcos. He has been the target of multiple assassination attempts, all of course have failed and left more victims in his wake.

Kreiss-Nog is on a personal quest to collect the rarest and most deadly substances known in Thargos. If he joins a party of adventurers, it is because he may see some personal gain temporarily but would not hesitate to turn on them or abandon them when he is needed most. Occasionally, he may leave a calling card which manifests itself by the sophistication of the methods or materials used. This he does intentionally in order to advertise his skills or make others aware that he is operating in an area. Despite his extremely high fees, these are not for his own material comfort, but to fund distant travels and the acquisition of highly prized substances. His longer term goals are unknown.

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