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1-4 Players - 60-120 Minutes - Age 10+

Principal Creator/Designer - Philipp Kehl
Additional Thargos World Design and Context - Chris Loizou
Main Artist - Ryan Verhagen

Artist - Martin Paz Romero
Additional illustrations - James Churchill


Ascendia - Seasons of Thargos is an exciting game that requires you to play as an adventurer who starts the game ill-equipped in the secret valley of Ascendia.
Collect raw materials, craft, trade, and interact with wild animals and merchants to upgrade your gear and skills as you strive to survive the approaching winter.  But be careful because each season brings its share of challenges and some more fearsome creatures, often driven by hunger, venture from the mountain peaks into the valley...


You compete but sometimes cooperate to survive with the ultimate goal as the future leader of Ascendia.

Many years have passed since the death of the wise and peace-loving Master of Ascendia. He left no heirs, and the inhabitants no longer knew how to organize the valley following this tragic story. Peasants, citizens and nobles soon fought for power and influence. The longer this state of affairs lasted, the more ill will and selfishness spread in the hearts of the inhabitants, and the land and resources began to decay. Bandits have come to attack the travellers, and the forgotten and dangerous forces of ancient legends have awakened. In this time of threat and fear, the people of Ascendia have resorted to a desperate measure. On the first day of summer they sent messengers to all the little outer settlements and even it is said, beyond the borders of the valley, to announce that the throne of Ascendia would go to whoever would perform the most deeds glorious in the interest of the earth, without distinction of sex or origin. And so it was that the most diverse adventurers from all corners of the land flocked to Ascendia to win this golden prize - the hearts of the citizens and the throne of Ascendia...

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