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The Darkun is an ultra evil religious zealot whose life expectancy is 23 for a human. Players create these characters to ensure they die with glory for their temple. Players progress a faction not as an individual through a Points of Renown system.

With Darkuns anything goes, even if it means killing off your own party. Body art and tattoos play an important role here as players can "relive" the history of a Darkun encountered through the designs and elaboration of their tattoos. The introduction of Darkuns into any game throws a heavily spiked spanner into the works of conventional gaming.  



Darkun Origins/Darkun Rites
Darkun Subfactions and their Interaction (including a complete interaction chart)
Darkun Tattoos and Symbols
Darkun Units (Battle Group, Death Commando, Tarbath, Vandrak, Decoy, Slayer etc.)
Darkun Hierarchy

New Player Character Races: Rlisha and CentaursNew Classes: Companions, Servants and Darkun SubclassesNew Aptitudes (including a complete set of the new Player Character Sheets)New Combat Rules: Hand-2-Hand Combination AttacksNew Darkun Weapons (Cobra Fang, Scorpion Sting, Shard Blade, Staff of Pain etc.)
New Darkun Magic: Spells (Temple Wrath, Darkun Bloodpact etc.) and Magic Objects (Tarbath Rally Horn, Death Mask etc.)
Cults: Code, Orders and Developing new Factions/Subfactions
Mental Health: Indoctrination effects on Sanity/Nightmare Effects on Spell casters
6 New Creatures (Temple Blade, Darkun Berserker, Temple Pillar Elemental etc.) with complete detailed Creature Character Sheets.
Master of Tales (MT) Section: how to roleplay Darkuns.
Fire Temple of Morg Game Aid (Maps, Temple Structure etc.)


2 Complete Scenarios Forming the Basis of a Campaign Setting.

Published in 2004
Pages 132


ISBN : 0954204409



“Quiet down! Quiet down!” Trevus—the watch captain of this little Imperial village—shouted over the convergence of noble voices clamoring through the court hall. “If we are ever to sort this bloody Darkun mess out, we have to be able to hear each others’ ideas!” A hush fell after a fashion, and the assembled nobles and merchants still living in Nurt looked up from their meals to the rugged man.

Rumors were always stirring that Trevus had some orc blood in him, with his ever-bloodshot eyes and sinuous muscle structure. He had been the captain of Nurt’s meager guard for two years now, and had five more recorded Darkun kills than any other watchman ever to grace the village. On his hip, he always carried an old orcish blade—the kind with the reversed barbs that leave horrible wounds. He raised his battle-scarred hands and nodded to a lanky man at the closest table to give him the floor, then leaned back into the flickering firelight.

“Have we ever sought to barter with them? We have a great surplus of medical supplies…” he was cut off by the town’s barber/surgeon, who shouted from a few tables over.

“Only because Darkun don’t leave wounded! I can’t give aid to the dead!” His statement brought a cacophonic murmur to the crowd but was hushed immediately by the widow Ulna—whose husband died by a Darkun’s stroke a week earlier.

“When the attacks started, my dear Rikel sought revenge and violence against them—and look at what that bought him. I say we look for other solutions as well, maybe not trade or barter…but some form of offering perhaps?”

“Offering?” a squat nobleman with a badly waxed mustache blurted out between draughts from his sloshing wine.
“The only solution is to send word to Telvar for support from their knights! These Darkun are only going to react to the very blade that spills their guts! We don’t need meetings or ideas—we need more knights!”


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