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This supplement lifts the veil of secrecy from the mysterious societies of the Old Cults and explains how they interact and where they see their role in a world torn apart by manipulating religious fanatics. New Subclasses have been provided such as the Battle Siphon, Guide, Emissary and Hand or “Claw”.

There are forty new spells to equip Warrior-Priest characters with some brutally effective new powers. Twenty-one Renegade Cults have been described and an interaction chart explains their relation to one another.


A new optional rule relating to Religious Fervour (RF) is also outlined, giving players and MT’s a benchmark in order to situate characters’ dedication to their cult.

As with all Cursed Empiretm gamebooks, the Warrior-Priest Class Module provides additional material for players and Masters of Tales alike as well as bonus material beyond the scope of the class itself for other players. A selection of renowned temples has been provided to enrich the game setting including a handful of maps ready to be used to kick a campaign off or run a single scenario.

A complete scenario (Congregation of Shadow) is included in the book. Can a party of religious adventurers overcome an ancient evil in order to seize a bloodstained relic that could change the course of the war between the Empire and Karnarcos? Meet one of the most deadliest challenges Thargos has to offer.

Published in 2007

Pages 160


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