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Welcome to the new Cursed Empire website. 

The site is currently under construction but watch this space for updates. 

We can't wait to show you what we've been doing.  

New Cursed Empire artwork - Artist - Ryan Verhagen

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Beautiful artwork adorns the cover of Cursed Empire, a hardcover 476 page book. Turn through the ornate grayscale pages, and immediately you’ll find yourself immersed in “a world torn apart by civil war and desperately in need of heroes.”

Magic, in my opinion, is this games greatest aspect. Even though there are only a couple of spell casting classes, magic is well detailed. Each spell is broken into a least three (3) parts – the basic idea/concept behind the spell + the target of the spell + the effect/aim of the spell. Having this breakdown, new spells are easy for players and GM’s to create.

"I have just tried the 1st starter scenario with my gaming group and caught them off-guard. Just putting together my own scenario using the material in chapter 9. Players now think twice before drawing weapons due to their 1st experience with the combat system.

There is far more to this book than character basics, as there should be with a book that weighs in at almost 500 pages! Also included here are two sample scenarios, which were fun to run and play but in our opinion are not basic and intermediate as they are described but more like intermediate and brutal as we lost half the party on the second one! There are plenty of arms / armor for the characters (great illustrations by Amandine Labarre), a full monster guide, and plenty of fiction to help get into the setting.