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Introduction to CE

Cursed Empire Fantasy Roleplay is now growing with its’ 2nd Edition release. This unique gritty fantasy tabletop fantasy role-playing game is now available from Spartans Unleashed from this site or from your local retailer.

CERPG provides a dark, comprehensive medieval fantasy game system with subtle undertones of the heroic age of Ancient Greece. This game offers Players and GM’s detailed and flexible rules to suit their gaming style for combat, movement, magic, aptitudes and a host of other gaming situations.

CERPG endeavours to capture the thrill of realistic situations through its game system without compromising playability as well as providing a modular approach to the way that situations are handled, enabling MT’s (Masters of Tales) to personalise the level of intrusion of magic and fantasy within their campaign.

The 2nd Edition Core Rulebook contains not only the core system rules but also a complete fantasy world-setting: The World of Thargos.

Additional source material through the range of Core Class Sourcebooks, Scenario Modules and the Thargos Atlas all contribute to adding to the game setting and background material.

The Blood Of Heroes Graphic Novel includes a full story set during a period of great conflict between the Empire and the South (AKA Karnarcos). This full colour book also includes main character attributes for use with the roleplay game.

CERPG Offers the basic mechanics through the Spartans Unleashed Game system to develop your own campaigns through a host of settings. More material will develop this further in future publications.

The game and setting has been devised by gamers and numerous volunteers and contributors have added to the setting and game material over the last four years. You are invited to join in and make your voice heard through the Interactive Member Area and the forums.

We have a series of online play by post games and a variety of topics where you are welcome to join in.

Cursed Empire continues to grow and can only do so through your support. We hope to continue to release quality products for the growing player base now spanning twelve different countries.

If you wish to submit work or get involved, try the contact details above or at the bottom of this page. We welcome any input.


Extract from Slavers of Karg

Lord Kröhnheim reined in his mount and took thoughtful stock of the situation. He had been engaged in combat since noon and had faced numerous opponents, few of which had been worthy of his attention and none proving to be his equal. Yet the afternoon's exertions, as the years, had taken their toll on the knight and he wondered how long he could remain in combat. Shifting wearily in his saddle, one thought was at the forefront of his mind. Would this be his final charge? Would the many hours of struggle - in fact, the many years, now be coming to their final climax?

In some ways, perhaps a welcome thought. He shook this fatalism from his mind. Focus on the present - on the job to finish, the family to bereave. The man to kill. Inside his heavy plate armour the knight felt the hot Murt sun all the more as it beat mercilessly down upon the field of battle, turning the even ground hard and dusty. All around him he heard the shouts of other warriors. His comrades and supporters called for victory and honour for their Order, demands that could not easily be ignored, but mixed with their cries were those of the rival faction.

His horse snorting and shifting restlessly beneath, Lord Kröhnheim fought to ignore the cacophony and focused on his immediate surroundings. The strawberry roan was damp with sweat, especially beneath its peytrel and chanfron; the only barding it wore on this occasion. She stood proudly, ears alert, watchful but weary from its work this day.

The knight closed his eyes a moment, centering himself within his own universe. He concentrated on the sound of his heartbeat, a steady rhythm within his chest. He felt the blood pumping through his body, feeding muscle and sinew. He was a rock that would not break, an avalanche that could not be resisted. He was Lord Kröhnheim, veteran of the Nardam Plains.

Opening his eyes slowly, squinting against the bright sunlight, the knight looked upon his opponent. They had never met but Lord Kröhnheim recognised him from previous descriptions.

'Sir' Olgar-Wynn, the young son of a merchant who had bought his title and commission rather than being born to it was an upstart boy playing soldier. Once, in different times, they could have been allies but not today. The older knight would take great pride in vanquishing this impudent pup.

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Warrior Elite and Cursed Empire team up


News 2009

Cursed Empire Update - you may have noticed that things have been a little quiet recently on the site but there are a great deal of things that are being worked on in the background. In particular the Savage Worlds Version of Cursed Empire (Savage Empire), the completion of the Sparta's 300 book as well as a systemless release for the setting and some progress on the second graphic novel.

We have also teamed up with the guys at Warrior Elite to release a Cursed Empire version of their fantastic card game.

Click here for more information and card samples

We will try and keep you up to date with progress. Please come back and see us soon.

Work In Progress

The Savage Worlds Cursed Empire Companion
by Rich Stokes

Epic Adventure - Vengeance

epic adventure


Book design and cover illustration by Jamie Wallis

Sparta's 300 Cover by Jamie Wallis

spartan cover

Druid Priest Classbook Cover Art from Rob Larson


Mage Class Sourcebook Cover Art from Rob Larson







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