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I have always enjoyed gaming and had decided many years ago to publish my own RPG. This happened in 2003 and was launched at a great UK based gaming convention called Conception. The 500 copy first Edition had indie fan art and I did the layout.


The 1000 copy second Edition was a US launch at Origins in Columbus Ohio and featured a hardback spot UV colour cover book, professional layout with black and white pages and professional artwork.


A subsequent set of sourcebooks and a full-colour graphic novel were then released, as were over 40 white metal unique game miniatures.


We travelled around the UK, France, Germany and the US to run demos and sell the game and totalled up 29 conventions over 10 years focused purely on Cursed Empire, plus our own indie press publisher convention (Indiecon) for 9 years in a row up until 2014 to assist other game developers to playtest and present their creations.


I have been thinking about doing the 3rd Edition for over 10 years and with the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown, it triggered me to revisit that project and kick-off something creative. This was a very strong urge I had to balance my time between remote working and my spare time.

I made contact with eight of the original contributors to the previous editions going back many years now and am glad to say that they all offered to get involved again in the new venture and some new ones have joined the team. It is also the opportunity to expand the discovery of the world setting of Thargos, where the Cursed Empire game is set, through other game types, hence the card game and boardgame variants.


In the past, I have always completed a book then gone to numerous gaming conventions to run demos and promote it. With the travel restrictions and limitations due to social distancing with Covid-19, Kickstarter is in my opinion an even more valuable way to raise awareness of creative projects and get backing to make them a reality.


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